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LiveData software includes an advanced Decision Support System (DSS), which is essential for efficient farming management. Below you will find information on the main agronomic models and their functions.
The LiveData (R) software is fully developed by Netsens. For some of these models LivePlus service activation may be required. Please contact us for further details

Pest management models requires that the following sensors are available on your system (on the weather station and / or the wireless unit) :
  • Rain gauge, for measuring cumulated rain and intensity;
  • Thermo-hygrometer, for measuring air temperature, humidity and dew point;
  • Leaf wetness sensor, for the measurement of wetting hours and percentage, on each face of the sensor.

In the case of wireless units, the models will be specifically calculated on the data coming from each unit, providing in this way a detailed micro-climate analysis.

Available tools are:
- Pest Management Panel, shows the infection phases and development of the pathogen, and their correlation with meteorological data.
- Phenological Agenda, through which set the vegetative phases observed in the field;
- Spraying Agenda, indicating the processing carried out and allow automatic updating of models.

HOW IT WORKS: The Phenological Agenda allows you to set the date of observation of the various growth stages of the crop; on the basis of these dates, the models evaluate the weather and climate conditions favorable to the development of the pathogens. Through the Spraying Agenda you can indicate the dates when the treatments have been applied, and the estimated coverage for the specific product used; the model will evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and the development of any new infections in the following period.

Strumenti Agronomici


Evapotranspiration (ET) measures the amount of water lost (in millimeters) by evaporation and transpiration of the vegetation.
Its correct measurement, combined with the rain collector data, allows to calculate the water balance (in liters per square meter, or equivalent), that is, the quantity of water necessary to compensate for the losses of evaporation and transpiration, through the irrigation system. The calculation of ET is particularly accurate, and it is updated every hour; in this way, it is possible to assess the actual conditions in the field, and decide the optimal irrigation strategies.
It's also possible to obtain the calculation of the ET specific to your culture, automatically, or manually by setting a crop coefficient.

Strumenti Agronomici All Netsens systems acquire meteorological data with high frequency, every 1 to 10 minutes. This feature allows the system to have a lot of data in an hour for each sensor, and therefore it was possible to implement the formula for calculating evapotranspiration on an hourly basis.
This formula is the most advanced and most accurate stage in the calculation of ET, and allows for highly accurate data, in particular during variable days or transition to meteorological level.

The sensors required for the calculation of ET are:
  • digital thermo-hygrometer
  • anemometer
  • visible solar radiation sensor
  • barometer
  • rain gauge (for water balance)
Even in this case, if there are wireless units equipped with one or more of the necessary sensors, the ET model will be calculated specifically for each data sampling point.


The model makes a short-term prediction of night frosts phenomenon, starting from 3 pm of each day.
The data provided is an estimate of the likelihood of frost conditions during the night; the probability is expressed as a percentage , and is evaluated by a mathematical model that verifies the trends affecting humidity, temperature and dew point, measured on your station.
The model is extremely useful for preventing damaging frost phenomena, which damage crops during the spring phase, and can combined with the SMS and E-mail alert

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