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Professional weather stations
Centralina meteo Professionale

Centralina meteo Professionale

The new MeteoSense 2.0 weather station series is the result of a long evolution, combining reliability and performance.
Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, it provides weather sensors measurements in real time, thanks to the reliability of GPRS technology.

How it works: the station acquires and automatically transmits all sensor data via GPRS (with a standard SIM card, either supplied by Netsens or by the customer), via Ethernet LAN or RS485 MODBUS.

Centralina meteo Professionale

Centralina meteo Professionale
Main features

  • Data presentation through , our advanced user interface LiveData accessible via the Internet from anywhere, now also compatible with most popular Smartphones and Tablets.

  • Simple installation in minutes, even with no technical expertise.

  • Reliable operation in all conditions, with the photovoltaic kit for extended operations and remote diagnostics.

  • Centralina meteo Professionale
  • Optional services:
    LivePlus, for unlimited storage of all historical data, with automatic daily back-up.
    SMS Alert, to configure and receive alerts via SMS or E-Mail on the basis of weather conditions

Centralina meteo Professionale

  • Digital thermo-hygrometer (with dew point calculation)
  • Anemometer (intensity and direction)
  • Rain collector (current and cumulated rain)
  • Solar radiation sensor (visible, UV)
  • Digital Barometer
  • Soil humidity and temperature sensor (up to 3 sensors)
  • Soil electrical conductivity Sensor
  • Leaf wetness sensor
  • Temperature sensor PT1000

Centralina meteo Professionale
Technical specifications

The following specifications are indicative and for reference only; they are subjected to change without notice and modified according to specific installation requirements.
  • Communications: GPRS TCP/IP “always on”
  • Optionally: ModBus su RS485
  • On board memory: SD card
  • On board interfaces: USB, RS485
  • Power supply: power line or photovoltaic panle with rechargeable battery
  • Box: ABS UV proof, protection IP56
  • Operational temperature: -30 +70 °C
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MeteoSense 2.0 datasheet MeteoSense 2.0 datasheet
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LiveData manual LiveData web software interface user's guide
MeteoSense 2.0 Modbus configuration MeteoSense 2.0 Modbus configuration

Centralina meteo professionale

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