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Reti di monitoraggio ambientale

Netsens was one of the first companies to adopt the wireless sensor networks (WSN) technology for real world applications; established in 2004, Netsens rapidly gained a position of absolute excellence in agro-meteorology with MeteoSense, VineSense and WiSense systems, then extended the use of its proprietary technologies to other areas of environmental and air quality monitoring.

The communication platform Netsens is composed of:
  • A compact main unit, able to acquire data from meteorological and chemical sensors.
  • Wireless local units connected to the main unit, to extend spatial resolution around the main unit.
  • Wireless units are compatible with most of the sensors and powered by a small lithium battery or solar panel.

LiveData software for data acquisition, storage, processing and presentation, installed either on Netsens data center or on your own corporate servers, for wide monitoring networks.

Those listed above are the building blocks of an end-to-end professional architecture for precision monitoring of environmental phenomena.

Reti di monitoraggio ambientale
  • High reliability of communication and quality of service (QoS).

  • Stand-alone installation, scalable and reconfigurable, without any network infrastructure, (power supply or wired data connectivity).

  • Real-time data acquisition intervals with up to 1 minute sampling interval, with low operating costs and maintenance.

  • Customized configurations and support of various types of sensors, with the option to upgrade even in later phases.

Reti di monitoraggio ambientale The advanced technical features of our systems represent the ideal solution for setting up an environmental monitoring network.

Our systems support the acquisition of various types of sensors such as:
  • climatic sensors
  • gas sensors (VOC, CO2, CO, H2S, NO2, NO, O3, SO2)
  • physical sensors for remote control of structures.

Main applications:
  • disposal sites
  • dreinage sites
  • sites and plants at risk
  • protected wildlife areas.

The constant effort to develop new technologies to reduce chemical treatments, to control pollution from industrial sites, and to monitor protected wildlife areas is part of the commitment of Netsens to improve the quality of our environment.

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