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All Netsens’ monitoring products are designed to be connected in real time to a remote Service Centre, where data are processed and stored. Each system, including the simplest Weather Station, forwards hundreds or thousands of data a day through Internet.

The proprietary LiveData platform is Netsens’ answer to the need of a simple, intuitive and effective data rendering, capable of fulfilling user’s requirements.

Main features:
  • LiveData does not require the installation of any software package: simply access Netsens portal at to obtain all the data required.
  • LiveData is fully compatible with major web browsers, whatever local Operative System is used (such as Microsoft™ Windows, Apple™ MacOSX, Linux ecc.)
  • LiveData does not require to be periodically updated: Netsens carries out periodic upgrades of the web interface, also thanks to the valuable advice of our customers. The upgraded interface will be automatically available without requiring any manual operation by the user.
  • Data acquired by your system can be shared with our Technical Staff, for immediate analysis, evaluation of possible troubles or malfunctions and remote maintenance.
Netsens has developed a web interface compatible with Smartphone and Tablets, where data are rendered in a simple and light format, which represents a valuable and effective portable instrument for a detailed analysis of the data gathered.

Sistemi professionali Meteo
Control panel:

The control panel represents the access point to monitor all weather and climatic data in real-time. The data from the field, featuring either real time values or short term statistics, are automatically updated, without need for user intervention.
Some data, such as rain for example, is also represented in cumulative distribution over a period of up to 7 or 30 days (by means of the LivePlus option).

Sistemi professionali Meteo
Multifunction graphics:

Historical data analysis is carried out using state of the art graphic algorithms capable of simultaneously displaying multiple data on the same graph (even non homogeneous parameters such as temperature, solar radiation, air humidity), over periods of time selected by the user (by means of the LivePlus option).
Distinctive features are the opportunity to zoom and access different time periods, export data in different formats and save the graphic display in jpg format, thus avoiding the normal time consuming operations.

Sistemi professionali Meteo
Report generation:

LiveData allows data received by the Weather Station to be exported (in excel or pdf format).
All settings can be personalized, according to the user’s needs (i.e. channel selection, time interval, statistical properties such as day max/min or average values, rain cumulative distribution etc.).

Sistemi professionali Meteo
Bidimensional representation for distributed systems:

LiveData for distributed systems also includes a map of the installation site where the wireless units are located, along with the base unit.
Clicking on the unit icon, results in directly accessing the control panel of the unit itself.
Furthermore, LiveData generates a unique chromatic map displaying the distribution of the parameter of interest over the site (e.g. temperature, air/soil humidity) resulting in a simple and effective means of evaluation of the parameter distribution.

Optional LivePlus package:

LivePlus allows permanent data storage and archiving in Netsens’ database, featuring periodic data back-up and restoring in case of failure. All data received and stored, since the initial installation of each system can be retrieved by the user at the cost of a small yearly fee.

LivePlus keeps your system under control of Netsens’ technical staff that continuously monitors the received data-rate and connectivity efficiency by means of proprietary monitoring routines, so that possible failures can be promptly detected and fixed.

In addition, LiveData enables relevant agronomic models such as, defence models, evapo-transpiration (ETP) and water balance.

Optional SMS alert package:

The SMS alert service offered by Netsens allows the enabled users to set alert threshold of up to 5 different channels on the basis of which the system will send a SMS alert to a list of predetermined phone numbers.

The features of the system include:
  • The setting of up to 5 alert thresholds for each individual unit.
  • Setting the alert when the parameter of interest exceeds the upper or lower threshold level.
  • An alert message which includes the reference of the parameter(s) that generated the alert.
  • Sending of an SMS message when the alert condition is removed.
  • The possibility to identify up to 5 different mobile phone numbers (for Italy) and up to 5 different e-mail addresses to which send the appropriate message.
  • Access to the setting is allowed for authenticated users, only.

Furthermore, a prepaid SMS package option allows the user to send alert messages via e-mail to addresses defined by the user himself.

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