build-up Landfill Monitoring Systems of Landfill Monitoring Professional

Landfill Monitoring Systems of Landfill Monitoring Professional

Landfill Monitoring
Monitoraggio discariche

The MeteoSense station is the ideal product to meet your local requirements on environmental monitoring in disposal sites.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, it is able to provide the measurements of weather sensors in real time, and automatically generate monthly reports required by your local Authorities.

Thanks to the reliability of our GPRS communication technology, data are downloaded in real-time, and forwarded to our remote diagnostic service that alerts you automatically in case of anomalies.

Monitoraggio discariche

Monitoraggio discariche

  • Data Presentation with LiveData software interface LiveData, accessible via the Internet from anywhere, now also compatible with most popular Smartphones.

  • Simple installation in minutes, even with no technical skill.

  • Reliable operation in all conditions with photovoltaic kit.
    Remote diagnostics for extended operation time.

  • Monitoraggio discariche
  • Optional services:
    LivePlus, for unlimited storage of all historical data, with automatic daily back-up
    Automatic export in standard or custom formats (on request)
    SMS Alert, to configure and receive alerts via SMS or E-Mail on the basis of weather conditions

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Landfill Monitoring

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