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Frost Alert System

MeteoSense is the best choice for performance, reliability and price.

The MeteoSense 2.0 station is the result of a long evolution that combines reliability, performance and easy of use in all major applications.
Fully designed and manufactured in Italy, it can provide sensor measurements in real time thanks to the reliability of GPRS technology.
Installed in hundreds of specimens in Italy and abroad, it is the ideal choice for the main applications in agriculture: sustainable defense and fight against pathogens, water saving and soilmoisture measurement.
Easy to install and ready for use, it can be configured with sensors and accessories that best fit your needs. With LiveData software, you can access real-time data and from any desktop, notebook or smartphone through a complete and advanced user interface.

Frost Alert System

Frost Alert System
LiveData : Internet software that also includes decision support models (DSS) and make sour station perfectly compatible with the requirements of the NAPs for sustainability in agriculture

Frost Alert System

  • Operational 365 days a year even in solar configuration thanks to generous 20W series photovoltaic panel
  • makes data accessible from any computer or tablet and smartphone
  • agronomic models included in the price
  • captures real-time weather data with high cadence (up to 1 minute)
  • transmits data via GPRS, LAN or Modbus to Customer's choice
  • widerange of compatible sensors (see portable sensors)
  • MeteoSense can expand with wireless technology for precision agriculture and sustainable viticulture

    How it works
    Thanks to GPRS connectivity, data are sent in real time to Netsens Services Center, and can be accessed by the customer using a standard Internet connection, from any PC station, smartphone or tablet.
    Our LiveData software platform displays all data in a clear and intuitive way and Netsens offers “turn-key” solutions including the SIM card (already configured), thus resulting less complexity and lower cost for the Customer.
    The system generates exportable reports in various formats dynamically.



Compatible sensors: raingauge, anemometer, thermo-hygrometer, foliage wetness, solar radiation (visible, UV, etc.), atmospheric pressure; Up to 4 humidity and ground temperature probes, up to 2 electrical conductivity probes of the ground.
Expansions: VineSense and AgriSense Wireless Receiver; WISense control unit for remote irrigation control.
Communication interface: GPRS (On request: Ethernet LAN or MODBUS)
Connection mode: "Always on", TCP / IP protocol
On board memory: SD card slot
Local communication interface: USB
Display: LCD 4 characters
Power supply: 12 VDC, op. 230 VAC with external power supply
Integrated electronic battery charger for solar panel
Power Consumption:<1W with active GPRS connection
Battery operation: up to 30 days in the absence of recharging
Enviromental protection: IP 56

Sensor Technical specifications (see portable sensors):

Installation pole
: modular mounting pole and complete with full installation kit, included sensor tools;
Photovoltaic kit: photovoltaic panel complete with mounting accessories, recharge able battery with outdoor metallic housing;
Power supply: for 22VAC connection (optional, as an alternative to the photovoltaic kit)

MeteoSense Irrigation
Frost Alert System
Soil moisture monitoring station
Up to 3 capacitive soil probes
Data update: 5 minutes
Oversized 20W PV system
Wireless expansion
Frost Alert System
Station with raingauge
Air temperature and humidity
Double face foliage
Includes software and DSS for the plant's defense of the main crops
Expandable with other sensors and with wireless units up to over 1000 meters.
MeteoSense Standard
Frost Alert System
Agriculture weather station.
Climatic data: cumulated rain, wind, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure.
Easily expandable with other sensors as leaf wetness, solar radiation, soil moisture, etc.
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MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide

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