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Main Customers
Netsens is a leading company for the production of agro-meteorological systems, and will appeal to farmers, consultants, associations and organizations of producers. The products allow to achieve a sustainable management of agricultural crops, both for the IPM (integrated pest management), and for the proper management of water resources.

Thanks to innovative and reliable systems, Netsens offers a wide range of solutions, from traditional MeteoSense weather stations, to VineSense and AgriSense distributed systems, with long range wireless sensor units, up to WiSense, the most advanced remote irrigation control system.

The high quality of Netsens sensors and technologies joins with the powerful of LiveData cloud software platform, which offers an unmatched level of detail and simplicity of use. Within a few years the company has established itself on the market, and today, with hundreds of active installations and rapidly increasing, boasts among its clients some of the most prestigious farms, especially in the wine sector.
In 2016, Netsens is proud to count among its customers as many as 23 Italian wine companies in the Top 100 ranking of Wine Spectator.

On request, we will be pleased to send you our updated references.

AWS, monitoring network and industrial applications
Thanks to continuous investments in R & D, Netsens has reached important goals in professional meteorology. monitoring networks and environmental early warning systems. Here is a brief list of some of the major contracts:

- 2005-2012: production and installation of systems for monitoring pantographs on the high speed train line Florence-Rome for RFI - Italian Railway national operator.
- 2008-2016: Supply of road weather stations installed on roads and highways (Autostrade fper l’Italia, ANAS, the Province and Municipality of Florence).
- 2010-2011: Production, supply and installation of a monitoring system of harmful substances for petrochemical plants (ENI - Versalis plant of Mantova)
- 2012: Supply of a network of automatic weather stations (AWS) to Technosky s.r.l. - ENAV. for the implementation of agro-meteorological network in Rwanda.
- 2013-2014: Deployment of a network of road weather stations (Consorzio LAMMA)
- 2014: Implementation of a real time weather forecasting system for RFI - Italian Railway operator.
- 2014: Design, production and installation of a monitoring system of hazardous substances for petrochemical plants (ENI - Gela Refinery)
- 2015-2016: Supply of a network of more than 300 gas sensors for the motorway tunnel - Variante di Valico (Autostrade for Italy)


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