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AWS, monitoring network and industrial applications
Thanks to continuous investments in R & D, Netsens has reached important goals in professional meteorology. monitoring networks and environmental early warning systems. Here is a brief list of some of the major contracts:

- 2005-2012: production and installation of systems for monitoring pantographs on the high speed train line Florence-Rome for RFI - Italian Railway national operator.
- 2008-2016: Supply of road weather stations installed on roads and highways (Autostrade fper l’Italia, ANAS, the Province and Municipality of Florence).
- 2010-2011: Production, supply and installation of a monitoring system of harmful substances for petrochemical plants (ENI - Versalis plant of Mantova)
- 2012: Supply of a network of automatic weather stations (AWS) to Technosky s.r.l. - ENAV. for the implementation of agro-meteorological network in Rwanda.
- 2013-2014: Deployment of a network of road weather stations (Consorzio LAMMA)
- 2014: Implementation of a real time weather forecasting system for RFI - Italian Railway operator.
- 2014: Design, production and installation of a monitoring system of hazardous substances for petrochemical plants (ENI - Gela Refinery)
- 2015-2016: Supply of a network of more than 300 gas sensors for the motorway tunnel - Variante di Valico (Autostrade for Italy)


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