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Protection for Agricultural Cultivation


Protection for Agricultural Cultivation

VineSense: the ultimate solution for viticulture, boosting the effectiveness of agronomic models and decision support systems (DSS) for pest management.

VineSense boosts the effectiveness of agronomic models and decision support systems (DSS) for pest management. Wireless sensors can be directly deployed in the rows, measuring microclimatic parameters perceived by the vines. Data are transmitted by a small wireless unit that does not interfere with the activities (also mechanized) taking place in the vineyard.

Protection for Agricultural Cultivation

Protection for Agricultural Cultivation

What VineSense offers:

  • Distributed sensors detail the microclimatic differences, focusing on the development of pathogens (downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis) in different areas of the vineyard.
  • The Phenological Agenda and Spraying Agenda easily synchronize data models with the actual phenological development of the plant during the farming season.
  • Agronomic models use data (temperature, humidity, etc.) actually perceived by plants in the row.
  • The information is accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with our exclusive LiveData software.

Protection for Agricultural Cultivation

VineSense default configurations, expandable even at an later stage

Protection for Agricultural Cultivation Small areas
(up to 8 Ha – 20 ac)

Flat and uniform terrain:
- 1-2 wireless units

Hilly terrain:
- 2-3 wireless units
Protection for Agricultural Cultivation Medium areas
(8-25 Ha 20-60 ac)

Flat and uniform terrain:
- 2-4 wireless units

Hilly terrain:
- 4-10 units wireless, 1-2 repeaters
Protection for Agricultural Cultivation Large areas
(> 25 ha > 60 ac)

Flat and uniform terrain:
- 6-4 wireless units, 1+ repeaters

Hilly terrain:
- 10+ wireless unit, 2+ repeaters
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MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide
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Wireless unit user's manual Wireless unit user's manual

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Integrated pest management Application note on integrated pest management

Protection for Agricultural Cultivation

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