Protection for Agricultural Cultivation Protection Systems for Agricultural Cultivation

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Protection for Agricultural Cultivation


Protection for Agricultural Cultivation

VineSense: the sustainable defense tool that will pay for itself over the time.

Recent regulations require that treatment be limited to the maximum and only when they are actually needed.
The VineSense system detects meteo data and provides precise information on favourable conditions leading to the development of pathogens in the various areas of the vineyard, the risk of infection with regard to the observed phenological stage, and constant monitoring of the microclimatic conditions.

Why choose Netsens product
Monitoring the vine rows in a precise and constant manner is a source of savings and product quality assurance every season.
With WiSense, you can identify your field treatments in a targeted manner, save on treatment costs, comply with the requirements of the new regulations, enhance your company's commitment, and improve your image on the market.

How does it work
Sensors installed in the vine rows measure the real micro-climatic parameters. Data are transmitted by small wireless units, not interfering with mechanical operations in the vineyard.
Data, at 5 to 15 minute rates, are automatically forwarded to the Netsens Services Center. Through Internet access. Via computer or smartphone you can access data received from your vineyards, obtaining clear and immediate answers.

Protection for Agricultural Cultivation

Protection for Agricultural Cultivation



    Reading data
    Through our LiveData software you can get clear and precise information and view the field-fed micro-climatic data through any PC and mobile system.
    The software has a powerful graphical display tool, reporting and SMS alert setup.

    Set and observe phenomenal phases and treatments
    VineSense includes development and risk models for the following diseases:

    - Peronospora
    - Oidium
    - Botrite

    Pointing to the phonological phases observed in the field, the software models will automatically adapt to the specific conditions of your vineyards.
    Agronomic models will provide you with useful information on the degree of development and risk of the major pathogens.

Protection for Agricultural Cultivation




Simplicity, reliability and results are the key to our success!

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Protection for Agricultural Cultivation

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