Saving Water Sensors Saving Water

Saving Water Sensors


Wisense is the access key to water SAVING

Netsens produces complete monitoring systems, specific to farms business. We install customized solutions from the simplest, manual sensor reading to complete irrigation automation with products tailored to the monitoring of all major crops (open field, tree crops, greenhouses, potted pants) and compatible with all the main irrigation systems.

Why choose Netsens products
Our systems can ensure a significant costs reduction improving product quality. This is possible because constant tracking will allow you to maintain an optimum level of ground moisture, manage irrigation time with a uniform yield, reducing live costs such as water, diesel and plant wear, and will thusen sure a better quality of production.


Saving Water Sensors

Saving Water Sensors

How it works
TerraSense Soil sensors are buried at different depths, depending on the type of crop and irrigation plant.
TerraSense sensors can be connected either to the main station or to the wireless units.
Electrovalves located in different sectors are remotely programmed via Internet, also using wireless connection with a capacity over 1000 meters (and the possibility to use repeaters for greater distances).
The collected data can be viewed online, thanks to the “LiveData” software using either PC or smartphone device.
With this system, irrigation cycles can be automatically changed directly from the device used based on detected conditions such as ground moisture levels, cumulative rainfall and evapotranspiration.

Saving Water Sensors



    Basic Version – Monitoring and remote control

    • GPRS unit with inputs for both weather and ground sensors
    • Controls up to 16 AC or DC electrovalves
    • Version for electrical or photovoltaic network

    Wireless Version – Precision Monitoring

    • GPRS unit with weather sensors and wireless unit with ground sensors
    • Controls up to 16 AC or DC electrovalves
    • Version for power or photovoltaic network, battery-powered wireless units (up to 3 years)

    Extended version – Flexible installation 360°
    It allows to control electrovalves remotely at any point of the plant without requiring cables or connections.



    Measures soil moisture and the irrigation performance
    Through our powerful LiveData software you can easily all soil moisture trends in each irrigation plot.

    Remotely set irrigation schedule and operating thresholds

    • You can set irrigation programs, area by area, without going into the field.
    • The programming base can be daily or weekly
    • Irrigation shifts can be automatically modified according to field sensor measurements.
    • You can receive system plant alarms based on contested liter flow meters or pressure switches
    • You can control 4 different irrigation channels

From now on you can enjoy the excellent results of quality, yield (production) and savings!


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MeteoSense 2.0 datasheet MeteoSense 2.0 datasheet
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LiveData irrigation management LiveData software for irrigation management
LiveData manual LiveData web software interface user's guide
MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide

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Evapo-transpiration application note Application note on evapo-transpiration model

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TerraSense installation guide Installation and use of the TerraSense soil sensor

Saving Water Sensors

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