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Saving Water Sensors


WiSense: Netsens solution for water management and cost savings
Saving Water Sensors

Irrigation programs are adjusted using local climatic and soil moisture sensors, optionally using wireless units deployed in the field. Through a user-friendly web based application, you can change the duration and frequency of watering cycles according to the weather conditions and to the needs of the crop. You can also set thresholds for automatic variation of irrigation programs on the basis of:
  • cumulated rain
  • soil moisture
  • evapotranspiration.
Both the read out of sensor data and the management of irrigation programs take place via the Internet through the simple and powerful LiveData application

Saving Water Sensors

Saving Water Sensors

What does WiSense offer:

  • It measure the volumetric water content (WVC) in the soil and calculates the water balance from the data of deployed sensors.
  • It quickly acts to preserve optimal physiological conditions.
  • It lets you remotely manage and program the irrigation cycles.
  • It is suitable for most common growing settings (open field, tree greenhouse, pottery, etc.) and is applicable to all major irrigation technologies.

Saving Water Sensors

WiSense in details

Saving Water Sensors

Distance from main station/repeater: up to 1000 m and more
Up to 3 soil sensors (either volumetric or tensiometric), electrical conductivity (EC).
Battery operation, up to 3 years.
Easy installation and maintenance free.

Saving Water Sensors Main GPRS station
Equipped with weather sensors and soil moisture probes.
It can drive from 1 to 16 irrigation channels (mono-stable or bi-stable solenoids).
Saving Water Sensors Wireless repeaters
Distance from the main station or nearest repeater up to 1000 meters and more
Soil moisture read-out
Wireless control of 1 to 16 irrigation sectors
(mono-stable or bi-stable solenoids)
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LiveData irrigation management LiveData software for irrigation management
LiveData manual LiveData web software interface user's guide
MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide

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Evapo-transpiration application note Application note on evapo-transpiration model

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TerraSense installation guide Installation and use of the TerraSense soil sensor

Saving Water Sensors

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