Solutions for defence against Pathogens Systems for defence against Pathogens

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Solutions for defence against  Pathogens
Solutions for defence against  Pathogens

AgriSense: technology in your field

the perfect tool for improving the quality and yield of your crops and optimizing pest management AgriSense acquires climatic data in real time from the most critical zones of your plot by means of wireless units placed in the crops (tens of hectares or more). AgriSense greatly increases the effectiveness of agronomic models, included in the equipment price, since it uses data acquired from distributed sensors placed in your field.

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Solutions for defence against  Pathogens

Solutions for defence against  PathogensWhat does AgriSense offer:
  • Increases the scope of information from single to multipoint, collecting data from the most critical zones for pathogenic diseases
  • Simple and reliable—does not require any configuration and can be easily installed in the field
  • Available agronomic models: pathogen development, growing degree days, and evapotranspiration
  • The system can be integrated with a WiSense irrigation control unit to create an end-to-end solution for irrigation management
  • Access to data via the Internet on computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • SMS option to receive alerts and alarms on the phone or via email.

Solutions for defence against  Pathogens Save money with the exclusive “pool” solution from Netsens: multiple plots can be controlled with a single base unit, greatly reducing the equipment cost with respect to conventional weather stations; perfectly suited for contiguous crops and farmers’ associations.
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Solutions for defence against Pathogens

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