Solutions for defence against Pathogens Systems for defence against Pathogens

Agriculture Precision Systems
Solutions for defence against  Pathogens
Solutions for defence against  Pathogens

AgriSense: the solution for precision agriculture

AgriSense is the indispensable tool for farms that want to reduce production costs and increase the yield of their crops. Depending on the sensors present, the system provides indication on irrigation management and phytosanitary management.

Save water consciously
A right irrigation management become since as ingly important every new season. The evolution of irrigation systems, from classic rain fall systems to modern drop plants to sub-irrigation, requires equally advanced tools to know the actual water deficit and to evaluate the best irrigation strategies.

Why choose Netsens product
Our solution allows you to measure the values of interest (soilmoisture, air temperature, foliage, etc.), multiplying the information of the single station, capturing the meteo data from the most critical points for pathogens trigger, or the most critical areas in terms of irrigation.

How it works
The use of meteo-sensors allows you to easily obtain the evapotranspiration data (ETP) for your crops obtaining the actual water requirement (liters per square meter or equivalent millimeters of rain). Ground moisture probes, suitable for any type of ground and positioned in the various irrigation are as through battery-powered wireless units, provide an immediate measurement of the water content at the root system level.
Through our LiveData software, all information is easily accessed via internet and from all mobile devices. An SMS service is also available to receive alerts and alarms on your smartphone or via email.

Solutions for defence against  Pathogens

Solutions for defence against  Pathogens



    Meteoclimates sensors and models on our LiveData software provide you with clear and immediate information about the risk of infection and the development phase of the major pathogens. If required, our systems can also be matched with models provided by third parties.



    Basic Version  –simple and efficient

    • GPRS unite quipped with raingauge and soilmoisture sensors.
    • 220 VAC or photovoltaic power supply.
    • Prepared for expansion in successive phases

    Meteo Version – plenty of information 

    • GPRS unit with climatic and soilmoisture sensors
    • Comprensive and user friendly agronomic models.
    • 220 VAC or photovoltaic power supply.

    Wireless Version – All-round precision irrigation

    • Wireless units covering tens of hectares for irrigation plot monitoring
    • 220 VAC or photovoltaic power supply version, battery wireless (up to 3 years)
    • Possibility to expand the cover even with wireless repeaters

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MeteoSense 2.0 datasheet MeteoSense 2.0 datasheet
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LiveData manual LiveData web software interface user's guide
LiveData pest management DSS LiveData software interface DSS for pest management
MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide MeteoSense 2.0 User's guide
Wireless unit ID settings Address setting for wireless unit
Wireless unit user's manual Wireless unit user's manual

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Evapo-transpiration application note Application note on evapo-transpiration model
Frost alert application note Application not on frost alert systems
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TerraSense installation guide Installation and use of the TerraSense soil sensor

Solutions for defence against Pathogens

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