Wireless Communication for Environmental Monitoring

Wireless Communication

Netsens is leader in wireless technology for environmental monitoring

Since its establishment Netsens has continuously invested in the development and engineering of advanced wireless solutions for environmental monitoring. Netsens’ goal is to develop reliable and robust systems, where technology is a resource for simplifying installation and maintenance, and not a constraint for our Customers

Main areas of Netsens R&D activities:
  • Wide area wireless communication
  • Local area wireless communication.

Wide area
wireless communication

Unlike most of its competitors, Netsens adopts custom technologies for data communication between remote sites and central servers. Its long experience in this area, along with the remarkable technology results achieved allows highly reliable solutions to be offered, thus representing one of the major assets of the Company.

All GPRS/EDGE communication module equipped systems can be permanently connected with the central server thus enabling all data to be collected in real-time and an excellent bi-directional data flow, which allows setup and configuration commands to be sent from main server to each station. Such systems take advantage of very low GPRS packet pricing policies available in most Countries, and ensure operational benefits thanks to remote maintenance services.

The very low power consumption of GPRS connectivity achieved by our systems allows the implementation of reliable photovoltaic panels – where needed – in order to obtain the highest installation flexibility. All Netsens products, from the simplest weather stations up to the more complex industrial equipments, are based on the same core technology, which has been well tested during years of continuous operation.


Wireless sensor networks for medium and short range communication

Netsens develops and produces custom wireless units for data collection and communication. These units are based on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology, are battery operated and allow data to be acquired from sensors distributed on the field.

Netsens is a pioneer in this field: since 2004 it has developed custom WSN platforms, based on proprietary and innovative hardware and software solutions. Our products are intended for “real life” intensive operations, not just for experimental or academic trial sites. The Company has achieved major technical developments and results, which represent a point of strength for its products, and enables them to be positioned at the international leading edge for best performance/cost trade-off.
  • The benefits of an efficient RF link budget
    The very long range wireless communication allows for an ease and trouble-less on field installation an provides high link reliability over the time. The miniaturization of the wireless units minimizes the environmental impact not interfering even with the highly mechanized operations needed in agricultural production.

  • Optimization of on-board energy resources
    Very low power energy consumption allows an extended system operation life and reduces maintenance and related costs.

  • Sensor interchangeability and on field unit repositioning
    Wireless units can easily be moved in the field to meet specific User needs, so allowing for continuous system expansion. Sensors can also be added or moved among units, in order to obtain an optimal selection of sampling points.


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are a powerful instrument enabling user
to be connected with sensors and actuators

Stazione Meteo Wireless

WSN are the evolution of environmental monitoring and actuating systems, for complex remote operations.

Wireless networks are made up distributed units, capable to transmit sampled data from the field, using the internet, directly to final user.

Interesting data are continuously updated, allowing to evaluate the evolution of observed phenomenon. This is possible with a sampling scale and rate as low as few meters and few minutes, unimaginable until few years ago.

Technology improvements make also possible to remotely operate for actuator programming and activation.

Netsens’ vision

Netsens was one of the first companies to develop and produce solutions based on wireless sensors and actuators networks. This results also in several scientific papers and proceedings from international congress, meetings and research projects, where Netsens has been involved in.

Our Company realized that the following requirements are mandatory for a satisfactory implementation of WSNs in real applications:
  • simple installation, not interfering with other activities and environment requirements
  • long battery lifetime, even without solar panel recharge
  • high communication reliability
  • scalability and modular expansion.

For this reason Netsens developed innovative and proprietary technologies, both in hardware and software, full matching with application requirements. The development of competitive products allowed Netsens to rapidly gain a leadership in its commercial area.
A peculiarity of Netsens is the “system vision”: the Company invested on the development of a proprietary communication platform, as well as several strategic sensors. This represents the perfect integration of all the key elements of this system.

This results in a remarkable cost reduction for the Customer, with less intermediations and fees, and in an efficiency improvement, since the whole system is composed of equipments designed to fulfill specific requirements, and not just integrated.
With continuous R&D investments, our Company targets to enforce its leadership position in viticulture and agriculture application, as well in environmental and industrial monitoring, and in infomobility applications.


Since Netsens was first founded, great attention has been paid to R&D investment, which is considered a main leverage for competition on the national and international market.
Thanks to the participation in major R&D projects in the Regional, National and International arena, above all European R&D projects, the Company has been able to develop and market first-class products and become highly competitive with the major International players, in a relatively short time.

The Company’s product portfolio has largely increased over the years, offering highly innovative and technologically advanced solutions; nevertheless, Netsens’ commitment in R&D is demonstrated by the regularly increasing budget invested in continuously updating wireless technologies and supporting applications regarding environmental monitoring, agriculture, infomobility and hazardous site monitoring.

Netsens’ technical staff, availing of its expertise in R&D, has established scientific collaborations with leading Research Centres within the frame of first-class research projects, whose results have been recognised both at National and International level.
Such activity has yielded a noticeable number of scientific publications both at Conferences and in learned Society Journals. /span>

Scientific papers

Agriculture and viticulture applications

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Environmental monitoring applications

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Infomobility applications

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Wireless Sensor network Technology (WSN)

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Wireless sensor networks for communication

Private area access:


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